breaking-bad September 12

Styles that define the character

T.V. shows and movies rely on creating memorable, authentic characters. A lot of times a character can be defined by the way they are dressed and what style they portray. Whether its “Geek Chic” like Zooey Deschanel’s character on “New Girl” or the all too obvious Clark Kent dawning eyeglasses to hide his true identity. […]

11 September 09

Seeing red

We do not often stop and think about what colors mean to our daily lives. Subconsciously colors play a big role in everything from mood to decor and affect people in a number of ways. In a recent study by psychologists at the Wuhan University in China, red, in particular seems to be a very […]

model August 20

Persol introduces new colors with vintage style

Persol eyewear has been achieving amazing success in the world of luxury eyewear by taking a step back and looking at the past. Honoring the styles that made past generations great, Persol has created a vintage collection like no other.   Fusing amazing shapes and styles from the past into a remarkably fashionable eyewear collection is […]


DVF eyewear fuses vintage designs with modern influence

Diane von Furstenberg is a designer that defines the word iconic. She is best known for introducing the jersey ‘wrap dress’ to the fashion world in the 1970’s. From that success she built a lifestyle brand which not only includes couture women’s fashion but also fragrance, fine jewelry and quality eyewear. DVF eyewear designs showcase […]

yurman sun June 16

Artist David Yurman offers stylized luxury eyewear

In 1980 sculptor David Yurman and his wife Sybil, a painter created the luxury brand David Yurman. The two artists collaborated on elaborate jewelry that was both fashionable and artistic. Yurmans claim to fame was created in 1983 when David Yurman created the “cable bracelet”. The twisted helix was adorned with finial gemstones and remains […]

30 years June 12

Marc Jacobs celebrates 30 years of style

In 1994 one of the fashion industries greatest designers, Marc Jacobs launched his own signature brand. 30 years later Marc Jacobs continues to create some of the most respected and sought after styles in the industry. Recent lines have been the result of collaborations with some of todays most provocative artists including Stephen Sprouse, Takashi Murakami, […]

kerr-ambrosio-swanepoel-2013-coachella-valley-music-and-arts-festival-041 May 13

Must have sunglass styles for summer 2014

As Pinterest gains enormous popularity it also is a great way to track what is trending in all facets of fashion. One place that offers an early summer feel is the amazing Coachella music festival.  Coachella. People from all walks of life gather under the dessert sun, moon, and stars to catch their favorite bands and […]


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