guy December 22

Unconventional new styles from Paul Frank eyewear

In addition to their nonconformist designs, Paul Frank pushed the envelope of unconventionality by establishing themselves primarily as an accessories company. That was not the norm for companies emerging from Southern California at the time. The new Paul Frank 206 Venus Essence Sunglasses The new Paul Frank 207 Neon Wilderness Sunglasses The new Paul Frank […]

1 December 16

Balenciaga remains a stylish high point in luxury eyewear

The House of Balenciaga, one of fashion’s most important brands, has been part of the Kering group. Founded in Spain by Cristobel Balenciaga, the House was established permanently in Paris in 1937. Balenciaga 0106/S Sunglasses Between the 30’s and the 60’s it was at the forefront of the most exciting fashion trends of the era. […]

3 November 04

Unique Designs and the Perfect Fit from Legre eyewear

Legre Eyewear is a high end eyewear company providing the very best quality eyeglasses and sunglasses at an affordable price while maintaining quality. Legre Eyewear’s collections include some of the most fashionable styles and colors today. Legre LE250 Eyeglasses With over 250 styles, there is no limit to what frames Legre can offer. Their two collections […]

4 October 21

New Styles with unique vision from Lanvin Eyewear

This season the Lanvin Eyewear confirms its passion for refined and innovative eyewear with its new 2015 Eyeglass and Sunglass Collection. Artistic Director Alber Elbaz has instilled a new twist to the typical features of the fashion house and developed them further; creating the perfect combination between elegance and innovation. The new styles, in keeping […]

freeway October 20

The Latest Styles or a Classic Frame – Shuron Provides the Best

Shuron eyewear is a truly historical eyewear brand. If you watch Television or Movies you have most likely seen Shuron frames creating memorable characters. Quality, style, and a great knowledge of both retro and modern styles, Shuron is a must see collection. Shuron Freeway Sun Sunglasses Jake Gyllenhaal in Shuron Ronsir Sunglasses. Shuron Ronsir Zyl […]

6 October 18

Refined elegance epitomized by Chopard Eyewear

Chopard Eyewear is a luxury eyewear collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses for men and women that must be seen to be believed. Every Chopard Eyewear model is a small and exclusive sample of perfection, resulting from precise workmanship and an elaborate production process. The new Chopard SCH A63S Sunglasses From special treatments to coloring and varnishing, […]

2 October 06

True Italian Elegance from Oliviero Contini Eyewear

Oliviero Contini eyewear provides the wearer a unique way to express their individuality in accordance with the harmony of one’s personality, while retaining the functionality, originality and extravagance. Oliviero Contini 7005 Sunglasses The eyeglasses and sunglasses in the collection offer the true expression of the “Italian Classic” style. Oliviero Contini 4024 Eyeglasses Oliviero Contini 504 Eyeglasses Enjoy the traditional, […]


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