From sporty menswear to stylish feminine glamour by Ralph Lauren


Born in the Bronx in New York, fashion design was not a clear cut path for Ralph Lauren. Lauren, born Ralph Lifshitz changed his last name to Lauren at fifteen years old as a way to escape the constant ridicule from his classmates. Ralph Lauren told Oprah Winfrey that the name change was not due to the fact he was of Jewish descent but a way to stop the tedious teasing of other kids.


 Ralph Lauren hinted at his future in middle school by selling ties to classmates. After high school Lauren attended Baruch College where he studied business. This was a short lived stay as he dropped out after just 2 years. Ralph Lauren found himself in United States Army between 1962 and 1964 and afterwards was a sales assistant at Brooks Brothers.


Around this time Lauren started designing ties that were inspired by a neck-tie worn by Douglas Fairbanks Jr. His designs were rejected by his employer at the time so Ralph Lauren decided to create his own company which sold ties to local stores. Ralph Lauren was discovered by Neiman Marcus who ordered 100 dozen ties allowing Lauren to expand. Lauren then opened his own store where he also sold his own designs under the Polo label which is still owned partially by Brooks Brothers.


In 1971 Ralph Lauren expanded the line by opening boutiques on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. It was around this time that Ralph Lauren won the COTY Award in menswear and began designing classically tailored women’s suits with a masculine/feminine feel that became an instant classic.

1 Classic looks. Ralph Lauren model RL 6094.

Ralph Lauren had successfully integrated himself into Polo Ralph Lauren and continued with successful ventures as creating the clothing for The Great Gatsby and the iconic Annie Hall starring Diane Keaton.


1 Polo model PH 3072.


It was not until 1997 that The Ralph Lauren Corporation went public and began trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Hard work, an eye for fashion, and a sharp business practice has made Ralph Lauren one of Forbes richest people in the world. Ralph Lauren is masterful at creating collections for many styles which is evident in the Ralph Lauren eyewear collections which includes Ralph Lauren eyewear, Polo, the Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Ralph by Ralph Lauren, and CHAPS Ralph Lauren.


1 CHAPS Ralph Lauren model CP 3010.


Ralph Lauren has created eyeglasses and sunglasses that encompass so many unique styles. Eye-catching colors and materials  matched with glamorous frames blend perfectly with more understated eyewear designs. A versatile designer of both men and women’s high fashion, Ralph Lauren grew up influenced by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.


1 Casual sophistication. Ralph by Ralph Lauren model RA 5125.

This has played a perfect part in the eyewear Ralph Lauren creates by bringing out the stylistic fashion of a movie star without trying to compete with the essence of the individual. Ralph Lauren is a top pick for red carpet events and casual style choice.

1 Ralph Lauren model RL 8097B.


1 Ralph Lauren Purple Label model PL 9012 combines quality materials to create an instant classic.

As both fashion designer and businessman, Lauren understands the importance of a trustworthy name that you can count on. In this case, names you can count on. With a diverse and luxurious group of eyewear collections, Ralph Lauren has gone above and beyond just simple good taste and created an empire that stands alone as a highly visible, highly trusted name in fashion.